Our Story

Where the magic come from

Agrofresh was formed in order to provide special export solutions for excellent individual Organic growers.

Those with the ability and desire to continue to develop and upgrade themselves.

Our main emphasis is on the grower’s personal responsibility and the direct contact with the customers.

We developed a system where the company’s growth is coordinated with the expansion of its own loyal growers.

From our desert growers in Israel, we supply a wide range of Organic Fresh products with special emphasis on organic salads – exported with love and care to our customers in the UK, Holland, Germany, Canada and USA.

Experience the organic magic!

Our products

Our main

  • Organic Peppers
  • Organic Tomatoes on the Vine
  • Organic Cherry Tomatoes On the vine
  • Organic Cucumbers
  • Organic Medjoul Dates

Our products vary from organic peppers, to tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, medjoul dates, and more (for the entire list of products, press here). 

Since 2002, we have built a reputation for professionalism and efficiency, ensuring that crucial shipping, immediate order and airfreight deadlines are always met.


Our standards are improving constantly, as we maintain supplies of delicate organic items in supermarkets and special organic shops throughout Europe and North America, and expand even further in the future.

Through our regular contact and audits with Approved Certification Bodies, our exported products comply with importing countries restrictions. This includes organic certificates, Global Gap, GRASP, and NOP Certificate for USA, Individual certification for each grower and other certificates and high standards that are derived from our commitment to our customers.


Our loyalty and commitment to our customers is one of our top values. It is extremely important for us to provide the most satisfactory service, since our customers have specific market requirements and supermarkets standards to abide by.

In these circumstances, we are not just a supplier of quality organic products, we are proper colleagues – working exclusively alongside our customer, helping them to maintain their market share, and develop growth through the supply of a diversified product range.

Through our commitments and quality products, Agrofresh-Pro will continue to be recognized as a leader in the export, promotion and development of Israel's organic produce.